In my 60 plus years of life, I am not unfamiliar with being in a “predicament”.  Sometimes I have been the source of such a situation, and sometimes the situation has had outside motivators. But, let it be known, any and all predicaments I have been in, I have come through alive, and with, perhaps, only a few scars and, hopefully, some wisdom.

One thing I know for sure, there will be more “predicaments” in my future, and by the Grace of God, I will, most likely, survive. 

“Man(kind) is born for trouble as the sparks fly upward”, Job 5:7

Just as sparks from a flame fly upward naturally, man(kind) can’t help but find himself/herself in a “predicament”. We practically fall into trouble on a daily basis! Effortlessly our mouths, our feet, our eyes, or even our facial expressions cause a “difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation”, ie., a predicament. 

Looking back in history, the first revelation of a predicament was in the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve had directly disobeyed God and now, the predicament…where to hide? That was the beginning of all predicaments to follow. 

God in His Grace and Mercy, dealt with them in love as He does with me in times of disobedience. In my “already and not yet” position in Christ, I struggle through my “predicaments” on this side of Glory….and….I press on, looking forward to what lies ahead, to the Glory of the cross! Resting in knowing that the ultimate price was paid on my behalf, and I no longer am in a predicament with God, my Father. 

What a relief to know that He loves me and will continue to love me no matter what earthly “predicament” I fleshly get myself into! I am good with God, and He is good with me! 

Are you tired, dear one, of the “predicaments” of this life? Are you desiring to rest in His arms and enjoy the peace of His love? Come to Him, call upon Him, turn to look on His wonderful, beautiful, face. “For all have sinned and fall short…..” But God…


Published by sharonmizener

Just a 60 something woman who has random thoughts and hopefully some wisdom to share. Having a 55 year plus journey as a follower of Christ, I’ve learned a lot along the way and if you are interested, I would like to share some of the do’s and don’ts I’ve experienced. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, relax and let’s have a visit.

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