Experience seems to be a lost art these days. I remember that I would often go to a person and ask them how to, or what did you do, or how did you handle…and had a conversation with that person about their experience.  Most of the time, that person was an older friend or relative, someone with life experience that I could tap into and learn from. I felt like I had access to a library of information walking all around me that could help in any given situation! “What can you substitute for eggs in a cake?” “How do you get more fruit on your tomato plants?” “How do you get crayon stains out of the carpet?” Or even, “Who do you call about this rash on the baby?”  So many times I had those conversations and developed relationships with dear ones about their “experience” and their wisdom that they had gained.

Yes, sadly, this seems, for the most part, to be a lost art. In this day of Google and YouTube, there is no longer the need for the relationship…that part is being cut out like the middle man. We jump right to the “experience” that is shared on the web.  Don’t get me wrong…I am usually going to Google, or Duck Duck Go, for information and I am great with having to YouTube how to fix things, but I miss the old days, the relationships, the conversations.  

I guess because I am now one of the “older and hopefully, wiser” people here, that has a bit of experience and desires to share it, I notice it more. Growing older has its benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. Feeling a bit “finished” in many areas (raising a family, helping kids with heart issues, solving problems), and unnecessary in other areas, this “just YouTube” it era adds to that feeling of uselessness that commonly develops in our older generations. 

Personally, I still very much enjoy hearing older people talk about their lives and all that they experienced.  Listening to the ways God worked and positioned the “all things” in His children’s lives amazes me more and more every day! What I see happening though, is a disconnect of generations, an attitude of “independence” and those older being forgotten and overlooked…pushed aside.

Titus 2:3-5 tells us that the “older women are to teach the younger women…”

I have studied these verses at length (and have also taught these verses at length), and it never ceases to surprise me how many women have stopped the “teaching” and stopped the “listening”.  I’ll never forget being in a group of women and hearing a “young” mom say that she didn’t need to ask anyone anything because she could always “look it up”.  It broke my heart to hear her disregard for God’s intended purposes for women!  

You see, this “teaching younger women” thing is a way for relationship…not just for information, or making us better people, but to make us connected people in this fast paced world!  The focus in these verses are for the benefit of both the older and the younger…women or men.  There is so much more here to share, to encourage, to even admonish each other as God’s Word says we are to do…our journey isn’t about “just making it through”, it’s about God and His goodness and that’s what we are intended to share when we share our life’s experiences!

What experiences do you have that could encourage someone today?  Who could you ask about their experiences in order to build a relationship? May we all take the time to acknowledge the value of age and the value of experience and the value each of us have in doing life together. 



Published by sharonmizener

Just a 60 something woman who has random thoughts and hopefully some wisdom to share. Having a 55 year plus journey as a follower of Christ, I’ve learned a lot along the way and if you are interested, I would like to share some of the do’s and don’ts I’ve experienced. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, relax and let’s have a visit.

One thought on “EXPERIENCE

  1. Thank you Sharon for this post. What a wonderful reminder of how important the human relationship experience is! Our previous church had a larger older generation and how I loved spending time with the older women and learning from their faith walk. It is so rich and not something you will find on Google.


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