Green Pastures

Psalm 23 is what first came to mind when I read the Five Minute Friday word for today…Green.  “He makes me lie down in green pastures…”. I never really thought about the word “green” in this verse as a “color”, but as a “situation”, a “stage”….meaning new or fresh.  He makes me lie down in this fresh and new situation of life. 

Winter is finally seeming to break here in Northeast Ohio and things are beginning to  become “green”. Yesterday I walked around the house and searched for new life of daffodils and spring plants and saw that some were emerging from their winter hibernation.  What joy to see that “green”, reminding me of the newness and the freshness that is coming!

The word “green” in this verse isn’t what stops me though, as lovely as the picture is. No, it is the word “makes”….He “makes” me lie down in that green pasture.  Why?  Why does He have to “make” me lie down?  Am I too busy looking to other pastures? Am I so impatient that I can’t lie down but want to rush ahead? Like a video game, am I trying to always make it to the next level? 

Some of my thoughts lately have been to realize how life is moving faster and faster and the world is changing moment by moment and what am I doing? God has so richly blessed me and I am still “rushing” through the day, the week, the month…looking to the next activity, appointment, vacation…but really, why am I not willing or desiring to be made to “lie down”?  

You may ask, Why would anyone want to lie down in THESE seemingly unknown wonky pastures we are living in now? Of course we want to get through this time and get our lives back on track and “normal”…yet, I can’t help but think that these times, this exact time, is where God has us and He has a purpose for it!  I may not see the “Green” of these pastures, but He does! I can’t yet see the green of the spring ahead, but it is there! 

For some, this time has brought uncertainty, suffering, or loss….but even in those times, I need to be made to lie down….to savor the moments that are here…good or bad…if I trust God, and that He is always good, I need to be made to listen to His call to “lie down in green pastures” and savor this time, be still and drink in all that He has intended for me in this very moment, in this very place. To rest in this pasture that He has brought me to.

If there is one thing I know, being a 60 something woman with “Random Thoughts and Ramblings”, is that seasons of life pass all too quickly…savor it! 

How can you, right now, “lie down” in the pasture you are in today? How can you savor the moments you have been brought to? If God has so intimately designed His purposes for you, these moments have meaning…rest in them!


Published by sharonmizener

Just a 60 something woman who has random thoughts and hopefully some wisdom to share. Having a 55 year plus journey as a follower of Christ, I’ve learned a lot along the way and if you are interested, I would like to share some of the do’s and don’ts I’ve experienced. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, relax and let’s have a visit.

2 thoughts on “GREEN PASTURES

  1. I so related to your writing, as all that God has used to make me to lay down in the last month, it was all part of His sovereign plan. He already knew of the green that He would supply, using His redeemed children to help me to rest. His pastures are the best and His water always satisfies my thirst.
    Thanks for reminding me of His lovingkindness!


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  2. So fitting and relatable. I, too am a 60 something woman with words to write and hopefully impart wisdoms and encouragement. I have never thought of “made” before in that verse. Now I can clearly see that it’s not something we do on our own. He makes us for our own good. Thank you for your insight 💞🦋

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