The Necessary Atrocity of the Cross

The Necessary Atrocity of the Cross

This is Holy Week.  A time of thoughtfulness and focus on the week before the promise of our covenant of redemption was made complete in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago. As a believer, this week points to a time of security in my Faith.  God fulfilled His promise to redeem a people for Himself and for that, I am eternally grateful!

But, as I often have “random thoughts”, I have to wonder, why…why did a Father so ordain a type of death that was so atrocious? Why did Christ suffer in such a heinous way?  How could such a loving Father allow His perfect son to suffer and die on a cross, in such humiliation?  

Christ’s death wasn’t a “spur of the moment”, “crowd gone wild”, act. No. According to the Scriptures, this event was determined before the Earth was formed and the way of this death, this sacrifice, had been planned right down to the finest of details.  Isaiah speaks of this historic incident before Christ came in human form! 

My “random thought” is why? Why was it a “necessary atrocity”?  Why the gruesome beatings and the crown of thorns?  Why the mocking and humiliation? Why the pain and especially, why the alienation of the Father? 

My conclusion, it had to be.  It had to be a cruel and unusual punishment. It had to be a violent retribution.  You see, even though we don’t believe that we are “that bad”, in reality, compared to the Holiness of a Holy God, we are.  We see our sin as “mistakes” or just “little” incidences of wrongs, when in reality, we are walking human filth in need of cleansing.  That’s what this sacrifice did for us….it purifies us, once for all! We take on the holiness and perfection of Christ, while He took on our sin and filth…and, as planned, had to pay the penalty by the “atrocity of the cross”…it was necessary, it was horrendous, it was the only way to make a way for humankind to be able to come before a Holy God! 

This week, this Holy Week remembered, brings a time of reflection on a Triune God that planned every detail of our redemption and salvation. A God who loves His own and gave…not just out of abundance…but out of sacrifice of His one, His only beloved Son (John 3:16).  I have no way to imagine the immenseness of this gift of Love, nor the immenseness of the willingness of Christ to obey His Father, even to the atrocity of the cross, knowing full well what that entailed. 

Have you, my friend, given thought to what happened so long ago, but it so necessary for today?  How do you see your sin in light of a Holy God? Do you trust in this “necessary atrocity of the cross” for your redemption, salvation from the filth you carry around?  Believer, do you now rest in knowing “it is paid in full”…”it is finished”?  Hallelujah! 

As you continue through this Easter season, may you be refreshed and renewed knowing that Christ is Risen and we are Redeemed! Blessings! 

Published by sharonmizener

Just a 60 something woman who has random thoughts and hopefully some wisdom to share. Having a 55 year plus journey as a follower of Christ, I’ve learned a lot along the way and if you are interested, I would like to share some of the do’s and don’ts I’ve experienced. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, relax and let’s have a visit.

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