ROUTINE The prompt word for today is Routine.  As I thought about this word, I almost wanted to skip today’s challenge.  I have felt like this is an elusive idea in my life…routine.  Finding a routine is difficult for me, at least that’s what I always think. I’m continually struggling to find that “right” routine that fits myContinue reading “Routine”


PATH Being a sixty-something woman, there have been many paths I’ve taken in life.  There was the path of marriage (and thankfully, I am still on that path), of motherhood (still a mom, but not mothering), of homeschooling, and of teaching music, just to name a few. As I’ve come to realize, my path of lifeContinue reading “PATH”


SUPPORT Well, hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but I saw that my HopeWriter’s group was having an InstaGram challenge, so I thought ”what better way to get back to it!” I’ve missed my Random Thoughts and Ramblings and, hopefully, you might have as well. The prompt word for today inContinue reading “SUPPORT”


ABOVE Life these past 18-20 months has been rough…for The looking from side to side—are you “wearing” or are you “doing” or are you “getting”, to closing ourselves out or staying away.  It’s been absolutely crazy! The unkindnesses and the divisions that have been created surpasses anything I’ve ever experienced.  The fear of sicknesses or ofContinue reading “ABOVE”


PATIENT “You are so patient”, is a phrase I often hear. I’m a piano teacher, enough said. Yes, I seem to exhibit a great deal of patience with my students…and I do truly have patience with them…helping them to understand the language of music and the skill of playing the piano. I’ve also heard peopleContinue reading “PATIENT”


BROKEN Imagine stepping onto thin ice. It looks strong and beautiful as the light glistens as far as the eye can see. But then, stepping onto that ice, it cracks in all directions making that familiar “cracking” sound. That is what I think of at the moment Eve decided to listen to the great deceiverContinue reading “BROKEN”


Pressure I have lived in this world long enough to see all kinds of “pressure” in life. Outside pressure, self-inflicted pressure, worldly pressure and “Christian” pressure.  When I was younger, in school, living at home, there were definitely pressures to “perform”, to do well in school, or in church….a “push” to conform and to not “standContinue reading “PRESSURE”


Savor It’s been a while since I’ve written a Five Minute Friday, but when I saw this word, Savor, I knew I had to write. It was one of my suggestions for a word several weeks ago.  For some reason, this idea of “savoring the moments” has pressed in on me.   I’m working on going throughContinue reading “SAVOR”


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