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OBSERVANT He who has eyes to see…he who has ears to hear… Pretty much all that is needed to be observant is to have eyes and ears. Well, that’s part of what you need. Each of us has the ability to observe all that is going on around us. We see each other, we canContinue reading “OBSERVANT”


EXPERIENCE Experience seems to be a lost art these days. I remember that I would often go to a person and ask them how to, or what did you do, or how did you handle…and had a conversation with that person about their experience.  Most of the time, that person was an older friend or relative,Continue reading “EXPERIENCE”


ONCE (upon a time) The Five Minute Friday word this week is “once”.   The familiar phrase that begins all fairytales is, “Once upon a time”, and that is where my thoughts led this Five Minute Friday, not to familiar fairytales I’ve read, but to those “once’s” that have happened in my life, memories that comeContinue reading “ONCE”

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