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BROKEN Imagine stepping onto thin ice. It looks strong and beautiful as the light glistens as far as the eye can see. But then, stepping onto that ice, it cracks in all directions making that familiar “cracking” sound. That is what I think of at the moment Eve decided to listen to the great deceiverContinue reading “BROKEN”


Pressure I have lived in this world long enough to see all kinds of “pressure” in life. Outside pressure, self-inflicted pressure, worldly pressure and “Christian” pressure.  When I was younger, in school, living at home, there were definitely pressures to “perform”, to do well in school, or in church….a “push” to conform and to not “standContinue reading “PRESSURE”

The Gentle Art of Being Gentle

I heard it yesterday at our family Easter celebration…”be gentle!” A mom was encouraging their child to “be gentle”.  I remember back when my kids were young, taking their little hand and showing them how to “be gentle” with another small child or a pet.  Being gentle is definitely an art, and it often times needs toContinue reading “The Gentle Art of Being Gentle”

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